Libby for Free eBooks and AudioBooks

The Millington Public Library pays an annual fee to have access to over 100,000 eBooks and audio books through Tennessee Reads. The easiest way to access FREE eBooks and audio books is by downloading an app called "Libby" to your preferred device. 

NOTE: Amazon Kindle tablet users cannot use the Libby app. Scroll down for instructions on getting and using the Overdrive app!

Watch this brief introduction to the Libby App by Overdrive. Follow the steps below to download the free app and get started!

Getting the Libby App

Follow these simple steps:

1. For Android or Samsung device or regular personal computer users, go to Google Play Store and search for Libby by Overdrive. For Apple (MAC) or iPhone users, go to the App Store, and search for Libby. 

2. Download the app by clicking "Install" or "Get."

3. Find the Libby icon on your device and open it. 

4. Search for Millington, TN or Millington Public Library. (Libby will walk you through the steps to find your local library.)

5. Enter your whole library barcode number and then your four-digit pin.

Once in Libby, go to "Library" to search for books. Click "Borrow" to read or listen to a book. Go to "Shelf" to see the books that you have borrowed/checked out. 

*The books will automatically be returned when your "due date" is up so you don't have to worry about any fines for late returns!

Getting the Overdrive App [for Kindle Users]

(Note: Non-Kindle users can also use the Overdrive app, but the Libby app is easier to use. See above instructions.)

1. Install the OverDrive app from the Amazon Appstore.

2. Open the OverDrive app and follow the prompts to sign up with your library card barcode number and your 4-digit pin (last 4 digits of your phone number.)

(If you're under 13, you can use one of the under-13 sign-in options.)

3. In the OverDrive app, find your library's digital collection. 

4. Click or tap the collection name to start browsing. This will also automatically save the collection to your library list in the app.