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Got ideas? Got free time? We are OPEN to new ideas! The Library is looking for a few good teens willing to share ideas that will build the teen page so that it meets your needs.

Fun Projects

NEW! KIDs CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) 5th-12th Grade and Games.

Internet Safety

Chat Dangers and Cyber Safety

So you like to Read!

Teenreads.com: Book Clubs

  • This part of the Teenreads website provides information on finding a book club, and, more importantly, starting your own! The site suggests discussion questions for popular books and gives tips on how to run your club meetings so that everyone gets involved and remains excited about what you're reading.

Teenreads.com: The Book Bag:

  • Teenreads.com provides features and info about teens' favorite books and series, including interviews with authors. The site provides alphabetical lists of authors and book reviews, as well as a monthly newsletter with essay contests, news, and links to interesting sites. Teenreads also has a search feature that lets you search for a book or author in the site, on related websites, or on the Web in general. The suggestions are heavy on the fiction, so if you're looking for a good novel, check this site out.

Science Fair Project Help

Science Fair Projects site is designed to help students design and conduct an investigative experiment (investigation) as well as, design and engineer a practical solution to a problem (invention)