Print, Copy, Fax

Printing from one of our public computers, sending a fax, or using our copy machine is available to the general public. You do not have to be a library cardholder. All library users must pay for printing, copying, and faxing services, but computer use is free for library cardholders. Guests may use our 15-minute "Quick Print" computer for free or may also choose to pay $1.00 for a guest pass that permits them to use a computer for 2 hours. 


$1.00 per page

Patrons fill out a form at the desk and present payment for their pages. The library staff will hold their payment, send their fax, and then process their payment once the fax is transmitted. Paperwork is returned to the patron along with a fax transmission page that shows that their fax was sent successfully.

Printing or Copying 

Black and white: $.25 per page

Color: $1.00 per page

For printing, guests can ask for a  free, 5-minute "Quick Print" Pass to use a public computer to print a document or if they need more computer time, they can purchase a 2-hour  Guest Pass. 

Our copy machine is a self-service machine that accept nickels, dimes, quarters, $1 and $5 bills. Patrons may ask for change or assistance at our service desk if they are not sure how to make their copy.

Wireless Printing from Anywhere

You can now send your print job to the library from anywhere at any time and then pick it up at your convenience during our open hours.  To do this, go to the Services tab, then Print From Anywhere. Follow the instructions on the page:

1. Choose black and white or color printing.

2. Enter your email address.

3. Browse (upload) your document (doc, docx, pdf, jpg, etc.) from your computer or other device.

4. Click the forward arrow at the bottom of the page.

5. Then, enter ANY pin number (1234) and click the green print button.  You will receive a message that your print job was sent successfully.

When you come to the library, all you have to do  is tell the staff member that you sent a print job and let them know your email address and they will send your document to the printer