Library History

From The Comprehensive Plan of the City of Millington, Tennessee: A Report to the Planning Commission prepared by the Field Course of 1977, the Graduate Department of Planning at Memphis State University:

“The present building at 4858 Navy Road was dedicated in 1967. The land on which it is located was donated by the City of Millington. Before construction of this facility, the library was housed at the Baker Community Center. The building is 10,000 square feet in size and has a book capacity of 36,000 volumes. At present, it contains 32,000 volumes. The library’s service area has been designated as extending from the Mississippi River on the west to the Shelby/Tipton County line on the north, to Austin Peay Highway on the east to Fite Road on the south.”

This report included the following library statistics:

Annual Circulation

1972-1973: 57,605 books
1973-1974: 63,316 books
1974-1975: 76,603 books
1975-1976: 92,241 books

This is a four year increase of 34,636 books or 60.12%.

In 1975 to 1976, the library program participation was listed as follows:

Pre-school story hour: 1,203 patrons
Film programs: 661 patrons
Puppet shows: 972 patrons
Other programs: 938 patrons
Class visits to the library: 584 students