Homeschool Resources

Homeschool Resources

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General Curriculum


teal diamond shape with a red apple in center, and the letters C C in white in the middle of the apple.   Crash Course  

The Crash Course team has produced free, engaging videos on high school and college level topics ranging from the humanities to the sciences.  These courses have become to the casual learner through their YouTube channel. Topics include: Anatomy, History, Chemistry, Computer Science, Ecology, Government, Mythology, Psychology, Sociology, Study Skills and more! The videos do contain small pop-up ads that do not stop the video from playing. 


Green hexagon shape with a minimalist white flower silhouette in the center. Kahn Academy

A nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Excellent free and high quality resource for all K-12 subjects and for post-high school test prep.



Blue circle with a white minimalist profile silhouette and the blue words "PBS Learning Media" next to the circle. PBS Learning Media

WKNO and PBS have curated FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more just for Tennessee families like you.


interlocking 3/4 circles.  One dark blue, one light blue.  Open at the top.  Light red circle in the center of the two blue circles.  Blue words Varsity Tutors centered below the image.  Varsity Tutors 

Varsity Tutors is offering a free program called Virtual School Day, which includes live, online classes and educational resources for K-12 students. Students can receive more than 30 hours a week of live online instruction, with classes led by tutors experienced in the course topic and virtual learning. Core lessons include math, reading, writing and science, while enrichment classes include topics such as history of the national parks and careers in science. 


Subject Specific





circle of stick figure people in rainbow colors holding hands.  Black words Core Knowledge centered underneath.   Core Knowledge 

Free full language arts curriculum and materials for preschool through 3rd grade. K-8 materials also available for a fee.




seafoam green square with minimalist quill pen in white centered in the square Quill

Free online exercises that allow students to learn English grammar by writing sentences and proofreading passages.





the letter c in dark orange. The letter K in green with the two diagonal pieces made out of a darker green shaped like the silhouette of a book. a green hyphen and green 12.   CK-12

CK-12 Foundation is a non –profit organization dedicated to improving student Learning by increasing access to FREE, high-quality K-12 educational materials.




pink and purple circle with points at the top left Exploding Dots

A free Global Math Project interactive game designed to visually teach K-12, precollege math.  A homeschooling parent will register as a “teacher.”



cartoon pink pig faceFreckle

Common Core aligned, teacher designed adaptive math app and teacher dashboard for K-8. Freckle is an online learning platform that allows students to practice Math and English Language Arts at their own level. Freckle continuously adapts to each student’s individual skills, so each student is getting the appropriate challenge, whether they’re working at, above, or below grade level. To start a free at home account click the link, and scroll to the bottom to follow the instructions “If you and your child are using Freckle for the first time.”




grey rectangle with a yellow x centered inside a white outline of a square combined with the word "traMath" to create the word "extra math." Xtramath

XtraMath is a free program that helps students master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.


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