Fall Gardening Series

Fall Vegetable Gardening 
Angela Jones
Tuesday, August 15 @ 10AM

Creating Captivating Curb Appeal
Kim Halyak
Thursday, August 17 @ 5PM
Transform your garden from so-so to whoa! Learn affordable ways to make your home stand out.

Composting Basics
Mary-Lee Hood
Tuesday, August 22 @ 10AM
This presentation covers the various options for an outdoor compost pile/bin, the benefits to the homeowner and the environment, and some tips on trouble shooting some of the common issues faced when composting.

Monarch and Other Butterflies
Debra Griste-Evans
Thursday, August 24 @ 5PM

Container Gardening for Fall
Pam Beasley
Tuesday, August 29 @ 10AM
When you don't have a lot of space, or you need a touch of color on the patio/deck, growing in containers may be the answer! This presentation provides tips on choosing the right containers and potting soil, vital information on watering and fertilization to get the best results, as well as design ideas for containers to achieve maximum impact.

The Art and Practice of Espalier
Tom Rieman
Thursday, August 31 @ 5PM
Training plants to grow in a flat plane against a structure, such as a wall, fence or trellis has both practical and ornamental value. Learn thetechniques to grow your own espalier and be inspired by examples of artful designs.

Boomerang Plants
Tom Rieman
Tuesday, September 5 @ 10AM
Like our children, some plants move out of the house only to return. Come learn tips on preparing your houseplants for the transition back indoors from the winter, as well as information for indoor care. 

A New Garden With Year-Round Interest
Pam Beasley
Thursday, September 7 @ 5PM

Millington Public Library